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Attitudes towards Family Planning in East Africa

by Molnos, Angela

year: 1968

order number: 1798349


EUR 6,30*

Helping Hands & Loaded Arms - Navigating the Military and Humanitarian Space

by Meharg, Sarah Jane

year: 2007

order number: 1798375


EUR 36,00*

Conversation Analysis. The Sociology of Talk

by Allen, Donald E. and Rebecca F. Guy

year: 1974

order number: 1798329


EUR 4,50*

Handbook of Staff Development and Human Relations Training: Materials Developed for use in America

by Nylen, Donald, J. Robert Mitchell and Anthony Stout

year: 1967

order number: 1798321


EUR 5,40*

Population and mental Health

by David, Henry P.

year: 1964

order number: 1798344


EUR 8,10*

Residence, Employment, and Mobility of Puerto Ricans in New York City

by Rosenberg, Terry J.

year: 1974

order number: 1798342


EUR 8,10*

Female Circumcision with Reference to the Agikuyu of Kenya

by Gachiri, Ephigenia W.

year: 2000

order number: 1798255


EUR 8,10*

Towards a new Society: Introduction to Social Development

by Akukwe, Francis Nnalue

year: 1988

order number: 1798192


EUR 13,50*

Armut - eine Herausforderung für jede Familie

by Wresinski, Joseph

year: 1995

order number: 1798147


EUR 20,70*

Self-Reliance and Development. Two Experiments in Thailand

by Nuntasuwan, Vichit

year: 1987

order number: 1797785


EUR 22,50*

Woman of Afrika. Frauen Afrikas

by Diegu, Omah

year: 1991

order number: 1797782


EUR 8,10*

Cycle of Family and Interpersonal Relationships

by Kirwen, Michael C.

year: 2010

order number: 1797763


EUR 9,00*

Migration et Développement intégral

by Videgla, Michel, Romuald Michozounnou Regina Byll Cataria u. a.

year: 2011

order number: 1797776


EUR 13,50*

EUR 2,70*

Struggle for Equality: Women and Empowerment in Uganda

by Waliggo, John Mary

year: 2002

order number: 1797773


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Uppsala. Samhällsgeografiska studier

by Aldskogius, Maj

year: 1977

order number: 1797724


EUR 4,50*

Black uprooting from White South Africa. The Fourth and Final Stage of Apartheid

by Nash, M.

year: 1980

order number: 1797682


EUR 4,50*

Environmental Choice, Human Behavior, and Residential Satisfaction

by Michelson, William

year: 1977

order number: 1797566


EUR 11,70*

Generasjonsskilnad i Indresognsmal

by Bjorkum, Andreas

year: 1974

order number: 1797488


EUR 19,80*

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