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Theorie der Industrieökonomik

by Bester, Helmut

year: 2012

order number: 1799307


EUR 11,70*

Investitionen : Bewertung, Auswahl und Risikomanagement

by Trautmann, Siegfried

year: 2007

order number: 1799213


EUR 9,00*

Wirtschaftspolitik : Allokation und kollektive Entscheidung

by Weimann, Joachim

year: 2009

order number: 1799147


EUR 15,30*

Theorie der Geldpolitik : eine spieltheoretische Einführung

by Illing, Gerhard

year: 1997

order number: 1799141


EUR 13,50*

Cooperation between the economic, academic and governmental spheres: Mechanisms and levers

by Rebernik, Miroslav, Matjaz Mulej Matej Rus a. o.

year: 2006

order number: 1798904


EUR 27,00*

Globalization and Technology Absorption in Europe and Central Asia. The Role of Trade, FDI, and Cross-border Knowledge Flows

by Goldberg, Itzhak, Lee Branstetter John Gabriel Goddard a. o.

year: 2008

order number: 1798867


EUR 18,00*

Natural Resources, Food and Population in Inter-Tropical Africa

by Stamp, L. Dudley

year: 1956

order number: 1798780


EUR 2,70*

Grundriß der politischen Ökonomie: BAND IV: Statistik

by Hesse, Albert

year: 1944

order number: 1798767

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 13,50*

EUR 2,70*

Introduction to optimization theory in a Hilbert space

by Balakrishnan, Alampallam V.

year: 1971

order number: 1798453


EUR 8,10*

Prognose- und Informationssysteme und ihre Anwendungen: BAND 1

by Lewandowski, Rudolf

year: 1974

order number: 1798421

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 8,10*

Sarrebruck: L'Exemple d'une Metropole Frontaliere

by Leroy, Albert

year: 1980

order number: 1798345


EUR 27,00*

Industrial Localization and Metropolitan Growth: The Paterson-Passaic District

by Kenyon, James B.

year: 1960

order number: 1798277


EUR 20,70*

Locational Factors and Locational Developments in the The Soviet Chemical Industry

by Dienes, Leslie

year: 1969

order number: 1798283


EUR 7,20*

Iran: precapitalism, capitalism and revolution

by Stauth, Georg

year: 1980

order number: 1798258


EUR 4,50*

Identités culturelles Africaines et nouvelles Technologies

by Kangudi, K., K. Akenda L. Nketo u. a.

year: 2002

order number: 1798206


EUR 13,50*

A Just Asia. The Challenge of a globalized economy

by Mortensen, Viggo

year: 1998

order number: 1797762


EUR 2,70*

Industrial Development in East Africa

by Pearson, D. S.

year: 1969

order number: 1797757


EUR 9,00*

Marknad och Distrikt. metodstudier med anknytning till företagslokalisering

by Ländell, Hans

year: 1972

order number: 1797709


EUR 12,60*

Företagsnedläggning - konsekvenser för individ och samhälle

by Berger, Sune

year: 1973

order number: 1797667


EUR 17,10*

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