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Chemische Technologie, Bd. 7: Allgemeines

by Beckmann, Norbert (Mitwirkender)

year: 1975

order number: 1530651

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 72,00*

EUR 4,50*

Das Molekül und der Aufbau der Materie. Vorträge

by Kossel, W., F. Hund Eduard Justi u. a.

year: 1949

order number: 1529803

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 8,10*

EUR 9,00*

Biochemisches Praktikum für Biologen und Chemiker

by Pongs, Olaf

year: 1980

order number: 1655860


EUR 16,20*

MTP International Review of Science - Alkaloids

by Wiesner, K. and D.H. Hey

year: 1973

order number: 1651033

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 4,90*

EUR 7,60*

Molecular mechanisms of drug action

by Coulson, Christopher J.

year: 1988

order number: 1651816

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 2,70*

Principles of Osmotic Phenomena

by Thain, J. F.

year: 1967

order number: 1652041


EUR 1,80*

EUR 9,00*

Biochemistry of Sensory Functions

by Jaenicke, L.

year: 1974

order number: 1644847

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 22,50*

From Design to Discovery, Profiles, Pathways, & Dreams

by Cram, Donald J.

year: 1990

order number: 1644389

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 72,00*

From Small Organic Molecules to Large: A Century of Progress

by Seeman, Jeffrey I., Herman F. Mark and M. Joan Comstock

year: 1993

order number: 1644391

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 29,70*

Physiology and Biochemistry of Haemocyanins

by Ghiretti, F.

year: 1968

order number: 1644374

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 4,00*

Some Recollections of Gap Jumping, Profiles, Pathways, & Dreams

by Barton, Derek H. R.

year: 1991

order number: 1644382

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 54,00*

Stereochemistry II: In Memory of vant Hoff

by Houk, Kendall N., Christopher A. Hunter and Michael J. Krische

year: 1974

order number: 1644454

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 18,00*

Chemie für Biologen

by Latscha, Hans Peter und Uli Kazmaier

year: 2008

order number: 1646055


EUR 34,20*

Divalent Carbon

by Hine, Jack

year: 1964

order number: 1645034

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 8,10*

Topics in Flavonoid Chemistry and Biochemistry

by Farkas, L., M Gabor and F. Kallay

year: 1975

order number: 1644199

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 44,11*

Heterocyclic Chemistry

by Katritzky, Alan R., Jeanne M. Lagowski and Alexander Todd

year: 1960

order number: 1644039

gebundene Ausgabe

EUR 5,40*

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