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A Geography of Commodities

by Alnwick, H.

year: 1974

order number: 1773757


EUR 22,50*

An Economic Geography of China

by Tregear, T. R.

year: 1970

order number: 1773763


EUR 5,40*

EUR 25,20*

The Geography of Greater London: A source book for teacher and student

by Clayton, R.

year: 1964

order number: 1773729


EUR 9,00*

Land Uses in American Cities

by Bartholomew, Harland

year: 1965

order number: 1773475


EUR 28,80*

Structure, Surface and Drainage in South-East England

by Wooldridge, S.W. and D.L. Linton

year: 1968

order number: 1773612


EUR 6,30*

The North American Midwest: A Regional Geography

by Garland, John H.

year: 1955

order number: 1773666


EUR 7,20*

Understanding our Atmospheric Environment

by Neiburger, Morris, James G. Edinger and William D. Bonner

year: 1971

order number: 1773491


EUR 3,60*

Aerial Photographic Interpretation: Principles and Applications

by Lueder, Donald R.

year: 1959

order number: 1773446


EUR 9,00*

EUR 6,30*

Cultural and Natural Areas of Native North America (compl. with maps and summary list in pocket)

by Kroeber, A.L.

year: 1947

order number: 1772970


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EUR 27,00*

New England's Prospect: 1933

year: 1933

order number: 1773007


EUR 15,30*

Spatial Analysis: A Reader in Statistical Geography

by Berry, Brian J.L. and Duane F. Marble

year: 1968

order number: 1773058


EUR 13,50*

The Making of the Broads: A Reconsideration of their Origin in the Light of New Evidence

by Lambert, J.M., J.N. Jennings C.T. Smith a. o.

year: 1961

order number: 1773127


EUR 9,00*

The Nature of Geography: A critical Survey of current Thought in the Light of the Past

by Hartshorne, Richard

year: 1939

order number: 1773012


EUR 32,40*

Advances in climatic physiology

by Itoh, Shinji, Korehiro Ogata and Hisato Yoshimura

year: 1972

order number: 1772811


EUR 22,50*

An Economic Geography of the Scandinavian States and Finland

by Mead, W.R.

year: 1968

order number: 1772924


EUR 4,50*

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