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Counselling ethics casebook

by Schulz, William E.

year: 1994

order number: 1706047


EUR 16,20*

EUR 13,50*

Leisure and Recreation: Introduction and Overview

by Jensen, Clayne R.

year: 1977

order number: 1705835


EUR 4,50*

Wikis: Tools for information Work and Collaboration

by Klobas, Jane

year: 2006

order number: 1705833


EUR 2,70*

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EUR 24,30*

Some Aspects of Communicative Competence and Their Implications for Language Acquisition

by Geest, Ton van der

year: 1975

order number: 1705780


EUR 8,10*

Das religiöse Bewußtsein des Industriearbeiters: empirische Studie

by Kehrer, Günter

year: 1967

order number: 1705418


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EUR 20,20*

Systematische Beobachtung : Grundlagen einer empirischen Methode

by Sumaski, Werner

year: 1977

order number: 1705427


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De menselijke conditie speurtocht naar partnerschap

by Kuiper, Yme

year: 1982

order number: 1705004


EUR 18,00*

Die Sowjetunion und Europa : Gesellschaftsform u. Aussenpolitik d. UdSSR

by Rotermundt, Rainer, Ursula Schmiederer und Helmut Becker-Panitz

year: 1979

order number: 1705019


EUR 7,20*

Femininity and Domination: Studies in the Phenomenology of Oppression

by Bartky, Sandra Lee

year: 1990

order number: 1704885


EUR 3,60*

Altenbildung : zur Theorie u. Praxis

by Eirmbter-Stolbrink, Eva

year: 1979

order number: 1704730


EUR 4,50*

Deutschland und die westlichen Demokratien

by Fraenkel, Ernst

year: 1964

order number: 1704570


EUR 2,70*

Die Polizei : Soziolog. Studien u. Forschungsberichte

by Feest, Johannes

year: 1971

order number: 1704580


EUR 11,70*

Education and the employment problem in developing countries

by Blaug, Mark

year: 1974

order number: 1704794


EUR 2,70*

Geschichte des deutschen Liberalismus

by Dorn, Wolfram und Harald Hofmann

year: 1976

order number: 1704700


EUR 3,10*

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